First Flight High School has a wide variety of clubs and organizations. Here are just some of the things that keep our students busy during the school year!

Club: Sponsor(s)

Acapella Club John Buford

Art Club Camie Romano & Alice Baldwin

Book Club Sharon Crane

China Partnership Susan Sawin & Steve Hanf

Color Guard Brittany Phillips (Parent)

Culinary Club/FCCLA Lisa Muglia

DECA Mary Jo Smith, Jennie Rook & Steve Blankenburg

Drama Club Monica Penn

Environmental Club Katie Neller

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Joe Tyson & Wendy Lewis

FOR Club Lisa Wheless

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Hunter Will, Evan Miller & Cassidy Mascio

Gold Club Christy May

GOS Angela Gard

HOSA Jennifer Kovacs

International Thespian Society Monica Penn

Jazz Club Bob Ebert

Leo Club

Men’s Choir John Buford

Model UN Susan Sawin & Adam Herman

National Honor Society Crissie Weeks & Ellen Lowe

Newspaper/Yearbook Steve Hanf (classes at FFHS)

New Student Mentors Lisa Wheless

Odyssey of the Mind Susan Sawin & Parents

Photography Club Jessie McClary

Phytoplankton Finders Katie Neller

Ping Pong Club Geoff Harte

Poetry Out Loud Amy Powell

Prom Committee Lauren Deal

Project Unify Club

ROV Club Andrew Thomas

SADD Billy Essick

Shooting Club Ray Scott/Parents

Student Government Assoc. Adam Herman & Hunter Will

Spanish Club Nitzia Gale, Mora Newton & Geoff Harte

Tabletop Gaming Club Susan Sawin

Teen Court Susan Sawin

Ultimate Frisbee Club Joe Tyson