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Principal Chuck Lansing

Chuck has been an Assistant Principal at Providence High School in Charlotte Mecklenburg County Schools. When asked about his achievements, Chuck shared, “Since my first day of school, I have been passionate about learning. I have been fortunate to transform that passion into a career centered around student achievement. I especially enjoy supervising and mentoring beginning teachers so that their careers can also grow.” When not at school, he leads an active lifestyle and loves spending time outside. He’s an avid runner and fisherman and enjoys spending time on the beach. 

He can be contacted at or 252-449-7000 x 2401


Assistant Principal Lela Ingram

Lela made the move from Lead Teacher in the Exceptional Children's Department to Assistant Principal in the summer of 2019.

She can be contacted at or 252-449-7000 x 2402







Assistant Principal Crissie Weeks

Crissie has served in a variety of roles at First Flight High School. She has been both an English teacher and an Instructional Technology Facilitator before becoming an Assistant Principal. Crissie's main goals center around relationships. "When reflecting on my personal leadership goals, I always come back to relationships," she says. "I believe that the ability to foster strong relationships is essential in a good leader. I have tried to maintain positive relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and administrators throughout my career. These relationships allow us to work and grow together." When not at school, Crissie loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, and going to the beach.

She can be contacted at or 252-449-7000 x 2403

Chuck Lansing
Lela Ingram