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Foreign Languages

Mission Statement

The World Languages Department seeks to promote a supportive environment which enables the student to attain sufficient learning in a language other than English in order to prepare the student for a productive role in our global community. The students in our classes will:

  • Develop the skills necessary to listen, speak, read, and write in a language other than English to meet the communicative needs of an ever-changing world.
  • Attain and demonstrate the ability to use more than one language in culturally authentic situations for personal and/or professional purposes.
  • Develop cross-cultural understandings and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • Develop the ability to examine and think about situations and problems from different perspectives.
  • Develop the critical thinking skills and creative habits essential to the learning process.
  • Develop the skills, through individual and cooperative efforts, needed to work with a diverse population.
  • Develop lifelong language skills and demonstrate the ability to apply them to their own language and to the study of additional languages.
  • Develop the technological skills necessary to access information which will enhance their linguistic and cultural awareness of the language which they study

Department members

  • Nitzia Gale
  • Fanny Niemeyer
  • Lexi Navarette

Need to contact a member of the department? Find them here in the Staff Directory.