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Exceptional Children

The Exceptional Children department is dedicated to advancing the success of children with exceptionalities.
We believe in the basic operational principle of providing a quality education to ALL children. In collaboration with students, parents, and all educators, students with disabilities will be provided specially designed, differentiated, research-based instruction. Our team works by providing excellence in programming with highly qualified staff in the least-restrictive environment; we will promote cognitive, physical, social, vocational, and emotional development. The ultimate goal is for students to gain knowledge and have access to resources in order to successfully transition to higher education or a career and become productive and contributing citizens in society.

Members of the EC team:

  • Lela Ingram (department chair)
  • James Ainslie
  • Sam Iulo
  • Kylee O'Bryan
  • Shelly Summerton Honeycutt
  • Joe Tyson
  • Catherine Van Vliet
  • Marie Ward
  • Caroline York