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My name is Mr. Thomas (Pronouced Tow (as in tow-truck) and moss (like from a tree) said really quickly), and I’ll be your college adviser serving First Flight High School for the 2020 – 2021 school year through the Carolina College Advising Corps. 

I am available to support students of all grades in planning for college and careers, registering for testing, researching and applying to colleges, applying for financial aid and scholarships and finally, when the time comes, deciding which college to attend. Our policy is to turn no student away, so feel free to come with any questions you may have about the college process. 

A bit about me: I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2019 with a double major in Political Science and Contemporary European Studies, with a minor in German. I was born in the Netherlands but have lived in three major American metro areas (Chicago, New York, Atlanta), and you’ll probably see me riding my bike all around Dare County.

Contact Information: 


Google Voice: 252-564-8813

Important links about college planning:

For researching careers and scholarships and applying to college:

For researching colleges:

For signing up for the SAT:

For free SAT practice:

For signing up for the ACT:

For applying for financial aid:

For applying for in-state tuition: