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Tips for Juniors

Things to do

  • Maintaining your grades during your junior year is important!
  • Make sure you're challenging yourself academically.
  • Now is the time to really focus your career and college research.
  • As you research education and career options, share your discoveries with your family.
  • If your schedule permits, stay involved in school and community activities.
  • Talk to your school counselor.
  • Keep an eye out for college nights at any schools in your area you may want to attend.
  • Narrow your list of colleges to include a few colleges with requirements at your current GPA, a few with requirements above your current GPA, and at least one with requirements below your GPA.
  • If possible, schedule tours of the school grounds on the same days.
  • Register for the March SAT or the April ACT, or both.
  • Add any new report cards, test scores, honors or awards from the year to your file.