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Hannah Nash
Dare County Schools Student Advisor Application graphics

Dare County Schools is looking for student leaders. The Dare County Board of Education is now accepting applications for Student Advisors to the Board. Candidates must be rising 12th grade students with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Applicants will need to identify 2 staff “recommenders” that can address their leadership skills. Interested students can also discuss this leadership opportunity and the application process with their school principal. Applications will be accepted until April 8 with student interviews hosted by Board of Education members from March 16 - May 6. If you're a rising senior that is interested in this opportunity, please review the guidelines and apply by April 8, 2024. 

Student Advisors to the Board Application - Apply Here


The Dare County Board of Education is committed to encouraging and facilitating the active participation of students in the administration of their own education. To this end, the board provides the opportunity for students to become student advisors to the board for the following reasons:

  • Student advisors and their constituents are the recipients of educational services provided by the system;
  • Student advisors offer new and different perspectives;
  • Student advisors will help to keep the board focused on student success;
  • Student advisors will ask clarifying questions;
  • Student advisors will create a direct link from the discussions and decisions made by the board to the youth of our community;
  • Student advisors will involve other young adults in the research and discussions leading to board decisions;
  • Student advisors will advise the board of the views of their constituency;
  • Student advisors will assist with community support for system initiatives;
  • Student advisors will learn valuable skills for their future; and
  • Student advisors will add enthusiasm and value to board work.

A. Nature and Scope of Requirements

The student advisors to the board will represent the student body of the Dare County School System to the board and the community. The student advisors to the board will work to increase the engagement and involvement of the student body in the educational affairs of the system.

  1. The student advisor will not have an official vote in board matters but will be entitled to make a position statement on any issue to be recorded in the meeting minutes.
  2. The student advisor will not participate in, have an unofficial vote on, or receive materials pertaining to confidential personnel and student records, legal matters, or any other confidential information.
  3. The student advisor will not participate in or attend closed sessions.

B. Eligibility and Term

  1. The student advisor to the board must be a regularly attending student of a high school in Dare County.
  2. At a minimum, applicants for the position must have been enrolled in a Dare county high school from the first day of the school year in which they apply.
  3. Students who are related to a current elected board member are not eligible to apply.
  4. The student advisors must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average at the time of the selection process to be an eligible candidate and must maintain a cumulative 3.0 grade point average during the tenure of the position.
  5. Student advisors will be selected by an application and interview process each school year.
  6. The student must be a junior to apply and will serve for one year during the student’s senior school year. 

C. Essential Job Functions

  1. The advisor to the board should attend all regular meetings of the board for a period of one year.
  2. As any member of the public, the student member may attend any board work-session, but will not function as a member of the board.
  3. The student advisor to the board may not make a motion or second a motion, but may participate in discussions with the board at regular meetings.
  4. The student member will receive all of the same materials, except those dealing with personnel, student records, legal matters, and other issues deemed not for public disclosure, as any other board member on an equivalent time schedule and should be prepared to comment from a student’s perspective on issues before the board.
  5. In accordance with state law, only elected board members may participate in board official votes.
  • The student advisor to the board may sit as an ex-officio member of the high school student government organization for the high school at which he/she attends.
  • The student advisor to the board will meet periodically with the superintendent or superintendent’s designee to discuss and plan board agenda items. The student advisor to the board may not amend the agenda, but may call the board chairperson prior to the meeting with any agenda suggestions, clarifications, or questions.
  • The student advisor to the board will develop and implement communication channels with students regarding system issues, such as student TV/radio broadcasts, informal gatherings, email or print news briefs.
  • At least twice each school year, the student advisor to the board must meet with student representatives or gather information from the various high, middle and elementary schools of the system to discuss student concerns and recommendations regarding educational opportunities for students.
  • The student advisor to the board may also serve as an ambassador for the board to community organizations.

D. Selection Process

Dare County Schools student advisors to the Board of Education application process graphic

The student advisor to the board will be selected using the following procedures.

  1. Prior to the June 2024 board meeting, the superintendent and current student board members shall organize and facilitate the selection of the junior students to serve as the next student board members.
  2. Community members, parents and students at high schools will be notified of the selection process and encouraged to nominate potential candidates. Candidates may be nominated by any community member, parent or student or be self-nominated.
  3. Candidates must complete the student advisor to the board application and submit it to the superintendent prior to the established deadline. Applications will be made available through the Dare County Schools district website.
  4. The applicant’s parent or legal guardian must sign the application.
  5. The student must identify 2 staff members (teacher, principal, or counselor) to recommend them for the position in the application
  6. The superintendent must verify grade point averages of all applicants.
  7. A board committee will interview selected applicants and discuss their qualifications. The board will then vote in open session to select the student board member.
  8. Students chosen by the Board of Education as advisors will participate in “new student advisor training sessions” with the Director of Secondary Education prior to their first Board Meeting to provide information related to A, B, and C above.

The board will strongly consider skills and knowledge in the following areas when evaluating candidates.

  1. Enthusiasm and motivation for the experience and challenge of the position.
  2. Experience in student leadership and/or community service.
  3. Commitment to the duties and length of term of the position.
  4. Public speaking skills that demonstrate the student’s confidence and competence in front of an audience.
  5. Writing skills that demonstrate the student’s confidence and competence in writing succinctly.
  6. Readiness to serve independently and be as self-directed as possible.
  7. Ability to function as part of a collaborative team.
  8. Broad perspective on student issues and the willingness to represent the entire student body.
  9. Ability to take initiative and motivate other students to become interested in the governance of the educational system.

E. Replacement of a student advisor to the board

In the event that a student advisor to the board is unable to fulfill the obligations of the position for any reason, the board will direct the superintendent to initiate a special selection process to replace that student. The superintendent will develop additional administrative regulations relating to the selection and replacement process, requirements for eligibility, qualifications and responsibilities of the position.

Additional Description of Student Advisor Role during Board Meetings:

  1. Student advisor to the board may lead pledge of allegiance
  2. Student advisors to the board may provide event/program updates from schools at each meeting ( these will be submitted by the school principal via a shared google doc. format). 10 minutes
  3. Student advisors to the board may facilitate and help organize Board spotlights of student events/activities throughout the district.