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Driver's Education


The NC Driving School will be hosting two 10-day virtual Zoom classes this summer. The information for the summer sessions  is as follows.   

  • Session 1 will run June 20-July 1, 11:30 am-2:30 pm, Monday-Friday. To be eligible, students must have a birthdate on or before 12-20-07.  Rising freshmen are NOT eligible for this session.
  • Session 2 will run July 25-August 5, 8-11 am, Monday-Friday. To be eligible, students must have a birthdate on or before 1-25-08.  Rising freshmen ARE eligible for this session.
  • To register: Print and complete the Restricted Instruction Permit form (linked below) in BLACK INK. Please make sure both the student and parent/guardian have signed the form. Bring the completed, signed form and $65 cash (correct change) or check (made out to FFHS with your phone number on the check) when you register. We cannot hold spots if you forget the form or money.
  • Registration for the classes will be held at FFHS in the Front Office with Mrs. Ewers through Friday, June 3rd or until the class is full. There are 38 spots available for each class.  Please specify which session you plan to attend.
  • Classes are non-refundable and there can be no switching of classes once registered for a session.
  • Students must be present on camera for each day of the entire session.
  • Laura or Heather with the NC Driving School will send out a Zoom invitation to those who are registered prior to the start of class.  The Zoom invitations are sent to the student’s school email; please check your spam/junk email for the invitation. If you do not receive the invitation please contact Jacqueline Scruggs at 252-548-2221 or
  • NC Driving School is solely responsible for scheduling the Behind the Wheel portion of the course. If you have any questions about either portion of Driver's Education, please contact Scruggs at 252-548-2221 or

Restricted Instruction Permit Form (updated December 2019)


Classroom instruction will be a minimum of 30 hours. All scheduled classes must be attended. No tardiness or early dismissals will be allowed. To pass the classroom portion, students must score 70% or higher on the exit exam and have attended all scheduled classes. Failure to pass the classroom portion prohibits the student from receiving behind-the-wheel instruction.

Instructors have the right to dismiss a student from class on any day of the classroom instruction. Adult behavior is required. Students who cannot follow directions in class will not be able to follow directions in the car. Students that are dismissed from the driver education class due to behavior or attendance issues will not be eligible to re-enroll until the following school year.

Participating in a driver education course is a privilege, NOT a right. Driving is a legal privilege and responsibility.