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Driver's Education

Information about the classroom portion of Driver’s Education

Driver's Ed is temporarily suspended.

AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: North Carolina officials have not approved any kind of online classroom for driver's ed, and of course in-person instruction isn't a thing yet, either. The instructor is hopeful that some kind of classroom experience will open in the coming weeks – she knows she has a huge backlog to start working through – but is stuck in a holding pattern until we hear something from Raleigh. As soon as any info about Driver's Ed becomes available, it will be blasted on the Facebook page and weekly parent email, as well as updated here.





Your student will need two things to register. They will need to fill out the Restricted Instruction Permit in black ink (any other color ink/pencil will not be accepted). They will also need to bring cash or a check made out to FFHS for the $65 non-refundable fee for the class. If you do not have access to a printer, there are copies available in the front office of the Restricted Instruction Permit form, which can be downloaded below.

For scheduling the Behind the Wheel portion of the Driver's Education course, please contact  NC Driving School instructor Jacqueline Scruggs at 252-548-2221.

Restricted Instruction Permit Form (updated December 2019)


Classroom instruction will be a minimum of 30 hours. All scheduled classes must be attended. No tardiness or early
dismissals will be allowed. The school building doors are locked for security. To pass the classroom portion, students must score 70% or higher on the exit exam and have attended all scheduled classes. Failure to pass the classroom portion prohibits the student from receiving behind-the-wheel instruction.

Absolutely no misconduct or horseplay will be tolerated. Instructors have the right to dismiss a student from class on
any day of the classroom instruction. Adult behavior is required. Students who cannot follow directions in class will not
be able to follow directions in the car. Students that are dismissed from the driver education class due to behavior or attendance issues will not be eligible to re-enroll until the following school year.

Absolutely no tobacco or alcohol products allowed during class or on school campus, before class or after class. This will
result in immediate dismissal from class. Cell phones should NOT be seen or heard during class. 1st occurrence, the phone will be taken and given back at the end of class; 2nd occurrence, the student will be dismissed from class.

Students must stay in designated areas indicated by the instructor at all times. Please remember we are GUESTS; there
is to be NO roaming of the hallways. Students located in areas not designated by the instructor will be dismissed.
Students are not dismissed from class until the instructor dismisses the class. Transportation home must be available within 15 minutes after the dismissal of class. No loitering on campus.

Participating in a driver education course is a privilege, NOT a right. Driving is a legal privilege and responsibility.